Gutter Cleaning

Let College Pro clean your gutters bi-annually when we wash your windows. When gutters become clogged, rainwater cannot drain properly.

Cleaning your gutters twice a year, once in the spring and once in the summer, can help avoid costly damages. When water is blocked in your eavestrough, it can seep into your roof and cause water damage to your home or foundation. Downspouts become backed up, and runoff can gather near your foundation. 
Our gutter cleaning process involves both the inside and outside of the eavestrough and gutter:

  • Scooping out the debris from the inside of your eaves to allow water to flow freely
  • Washing and cleaning of the outside of the eavestrough to add that extra sparkle to your home!

How to get an estimate

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Q: Do you remove the screens or do I need to do that?

A: Our crews will remove all screens that we have access to! If there are any difficult screens, or ones that can only be removed from the inside, we’ll discuss this with you prior to having the work done.

Q: What are “interior gutters”?

A: This is the inside of your gutter or eaves trough, as opposed to the outside surface that you can see from the ground. Our process includes cleaning the interior of the eaves (to remove debris). We also do a cleaning of the exterior of the eaves to wipe off dirt and grime.

Q: What do you do with the debris?

A: We will bag the debris in a yard waste bag and either leave it at the curb for disposal by your neighborhood waste pick up or dispose of it ourselves if that is not feasible.

Q: How often should I have my eavestrough/gutters cleaned?

A: We recommend cleaning your eavestroughs twice a year. Once in the spring to allow any debris from the winter to be scooped out, and once at the end of the fall to remove any leaves from the fall season.